Street Photography

We all may have slightly different definitions of what "Street Photography" is or isn't. Here we use the term to describe candid images, usually of people, that offer intimate glimpses of their lives and emotions. We aim to photograph with sensitivity and respect, thereby celebrating the human aspects of the world in which we live. Neither the photographs nor the captions are meant to be in any way derisory or judgemental, and thanks are due to our subjects who unknowingly or otherwise, provided us with the privilege of photographing them.

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Below it's a a kind of impromptu Sunday Morning 'Crufts' in Hong Kong

The scene below is not strictly speaking a street, but rivers are thoroughfares too, while providing essential water for nearby villages.

Nearby? These Malagasy women live in a village more than an hour's walk away, so they put some greenery into the top of their buckets to minimalise spillage on the long walk home. Who can blame them if they take the opportunity to have a little drink and soak their feet in preparation for their return journey?

Maintaining the watery theme but in recreational rather than work mode, the beaches of Australia are a draw for many

The Energetic Young

The Rock Pool People

Below we're back to city streets, this time London

And Now The Streets of San Francisco



Two Card Games 9,000 miles apart

The Lookout and the Loser

You can't get more Street than Rickshaw

The Boys in the Band

If music be the food of life my lads, play on, play on

(With apologies for the paraphrasing of Will's' Twelfth Night')

Sampling the produce of the local pineapple growers

The Christening Party

We passed this delightful family group on the road to Ranohira (Madagascar). The local people walk many miles to family occasions. Who knows how far this party travelled that day.

Take the Shot

We'll end this section with a technically poor but poignant photograph. Because when you see an image that somehow speaks to you - then you have to take the shot: even if it is with a point and shoot camera, from 2 stories up through a closed glass window, into a dimly lit alleyway below!

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