About Us

is owned and run by Bob Jones, a photographer who places great store by taking time to understand what clients want, and producing results that fulfil their needs at a competitive price.

Our fully equipped photographic studio near Wincanton ( Somerset), on the Dorset/Wilts border is just a few minutes off the A303. There is access to gardens and neighbouring picturesque countryside, ideal for outdoor photo shoots.

If required, we will travel to client determined locations.

It was Bob's interest in people that attracted him to photography. Taking every opportunity to photograph interesting characters that he met on his business and recreational travels, he quickly realised that he needed to improve his camera skills if he was going to do them justice. So, some 25 years ago he set about getting himself some formal training in portrait photography.

Exposure to studio work convinced him that anyone could be an 'interesting character' photographically speaking, provided that they knew how to present themselves to the camera in a way that best suited their particular features: and as they learnt the knack of doing this, their confidence increased and they became more and more comfortable being the focus of attention. So with the advent of digital photography, Bob developed an Interactive Photo-Shoot in which he works with the client to discover which angles, body language, head positions and facial expressions make them look both individual and special.
Bob loves seeing that smile of recognition, when the client first realises that it is them, and not Bob or his camera, that is controlling the images being produced."

It's all about looking good on camera.

Providing amateur dramatic groups with a complimentary photographic service for things like "Front of House" photos gave Bob the opportunity to photograph some extrovert characters, who produced great facial expressions: but it also got him interested in photography for promotional material, which led into other branches of photography that posed different technical challenges. This broadened his visual outlook significantly, enabling him to tap into the skills and experience of photographers working in other fields, and shaping his approach to the whole essence of photography. He very much recognises how much other photographers have helped him, and enjoys sharing his experiences in turn. As he says, "When I stop learning about photography, that is the day I will put my camera down for the last time."


Photographing children is a major part of our portraiture activity, but as we cannot vet visitors to our website, we have a policy of not putting images on our site of current minors whose identity we know. For example the 2 young children in the photograph on the Home Page opening Banner are now in their mid/late twenties. To some this practise may seem over proscriptive, especially In an age when many parents put images of their children on social media: however we prefer to do things this way, even though it prohibits us from using some really great photographic material (largely due to uninhibited childhood expression). Where we are unaware of the identity of children, for example in "street scenes" we may include images of current minors.

The following are all now adults

We believe in the power of the visual image, and aim to provide a complete range of photography from bespoke portraits to commissioned promotional material and from photographs of personal pets to landscape and stock images.

At LGOC client satisfaction is paramount. Providing a first class service requires more than being a competent photographer. Bob is a people person, a marketeer and image coach. Our whole way of working prioritises clients needs, client comfort and client rapport. We want clients to like the work we produce. No amount of profit compensates for a disappointed client.

We want dealing with LGOC to be fun for our clients and anyone that we photograph. Together we form a team, with well identified objectives that remain open to creative and original ideas. Together we take pride in what we achieve.

LGOC does not have a minimum fee, and we pride ourselves on agreeing a reasonable price for a specific piece of work, making it absolutely clear what the price covers, and what the cost of any additional associated work would be.

You can expect us to be: Approachable, Responsive and Effective.