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Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the service or product that we plan to deliver, we must be quite sure that we fully understand the client's needs and expectations..

Of prime importance is meeting with and developing a rapport with our client. Some will have a very clear idea of how and what they want photographed, and others will be looking for a visual creation of an idea or concept that they want to promote.

It is also importance to know exactly how they intend to use the final photographic images, which may range from adding to a photographic album to projecting an image onto the side of a building.

Our Approach

We value the trust our clients put in us to deliver images that are of great personal importance to them, whether that is of themselves their family, or promotion of ideas/products about which they are extremely passionate.

Different forms of photography present a variety of creative and technical challenges. We believe that working in a number of photographic spheres, keeps ideas and techniques both fresh and novel. Our website has been designed to reflect this diversity, while providing easy navigation between subjects of interest.




The photo on the right is a studio shot taken by Bob with a film camera towards the end of the last century! Note the size of the mobile phone, which of course subsequently became much smaller, until the advent of the iPhone, so that it's now almost as large as its 1990's predecessor!

These days we rarely use film, as the pure convenience of digital imagery outweighs the slightly greater tolerance, of inaccuracies in exposure or focusing, that film gives you.

Film is however better than digital for black and white images

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Confidence Photo Shoots

We tailor our Confidence Photo Shoots to the client's needs. Strobe (American for flash lighting) may not be relevant for someone who is wanting to use the shoot to increase their confidence in a lecture theatre, but it may be very relevant for someone who is likely to be interviewed with press photographers' flashlights going off around them.

The main objective is to show the individual how to present a photogenic image, and be in command of what the camera sees whenever they are 'being photographed': but the photo shoot also provides them with some really good photographs of themselves that will always be there to reinforce their confidence and remind them what angles and expressions work best for them.

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Animals and Pets

A pretty low key image to introduce our "Animals and Pets Section", but Samba is a beautiful dog. Despite all the many NSW acres available to her, she dutifully patrols the immediate areas of the house for snakes and is happy to be at the beck and call of the three energetic young children that she lives with. Pictured grabbing a few minutes well earned rest from her duties, she is the dream domestic carer and companion.

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Flowers and Plants

Who can resist photographing flowers?

Our botanical world offers such a rich variety of subject material.

They tell us that Alliums belong to the onion family: On the right is just one example of the many structures and colours found in this group of plants.

You'll find out Plant and Flower Show at Flowers & Plants


Scenes and Landscapes


Landscapes are not simple images. What we see is the brain's composite interpretation of the myriad of images it is receiving from the eyes.

While the camera cannot capture as many varied images as the human eye, we can compose the shot in such a way, that it comprises a number of individual features worth focusing on in their own right. At first sight this photograph of Lake Hawea on the South Island of New Zealand may appear simple, but take a closer look at the enlarged image and you will see that there is more detail than is immediately obvious.

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Official Definition: 'Where the photograph is larger than the object being photographed'.

'But every cinema screen depicts larger than life images', we hear you say: so we prefer 'Photographing detail that our eyes don't usually see'

To see more of what the eye may not see go to Macrophotography



Novel Images

The face within the Rose

Some of us are still kids at heart, like seeing animals or faces in cloud formations, adding a humorous caption to an image, or just photographing something in a novel way.

For more off the wall stuff, go to Novel Images



Street Photography

Inspired by Photographers of the past, this section is dedicated to the memory of Consuelo Kanaga 1894-1978 for her photography of people in their own environment.

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