In addition to working with clients, photographers like to produce their own work and as the years go by you tend to develop your own style.

In Bob's view a photographer has to be imaginative and creative in addition to being technically proficient: but creativity and technical perfection are not natural bed fellows and getting the balance right is difficult. It's like 2 sides of your brain are fighting for supremacy and neither can be allowed to win - so there is no such thing as the perfect photograph no more than there is the perfect painting.

Like sculptors and artist, photographers cannot let this fact prevent them for striving for perfection, but you would go mad if you didn't take satisfaction in what you do create, no matter how imperfect it may sometimes be. Wait for perfection and you'll never do anything.

So we offer the following images for your entertainment with the proviso that if you want to purchase photos as originals or as a limited edition of prints/cards/calendars etc then please let us know and we can let you have a price for what you are looking to purchase. It's impossible to show everything we have, so if you can narrow down what you are looking for we'll always try to see if we have something suitable.

Visitors to this site will get an honest impression of our photographic services and products. We hope you enjoy what you see.

The following is a potpourri of cropped images. To view the complete photograph just click on the cropped version below. Alternatively click on the first image and then run through the gallery sequentially using the arrows at the side edge of the photos.